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"Let´s celebrate our mistakes in a failure festival and learn from them!"

Lessons on leadership in tech & business by Jennifer Dulsky (COO organized by and the Berlin Geekettes

Usually blog-posts are beautifully written peaces of literature art, I love those, but I am not really good at it and in general more of the pragmatic type. Instead of thinking for hours how to put words right, I prefer to share the knowlegde I am gaining in this vibrant, multicultural, impulsive Berlin environment in short key facts. 
Yesterday and the Berlin Geekettes provided me and fellow Geekeettes with the amazing opportunity to join a fireside Chat from Jennifer Dulski, the COO of and the first woman, who managed to sell her start up to Google. 
So, what are my personal key learnings from her talk? 
  1. you can not change the environment, you can only adjust to it or leave it
  2. you've to learn from failure and celebrate Failure Festivals
  3. if you want to sell a start-up to Google you need an advocate within the company
I will follow her advice and hold the sign the right way arround next time;)
Can´t wait for the next Berlin Geekettes Events!
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